How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for Your Hardware Security System

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How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Use Two-Factor Authentication to keep intruders out of your account. It's simple to set up and makes it more difficult for an intruder to gain access to your account—even if they know your password.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Why set up Two-Factor Authentication?

Some burglars do not look for open windows or keys under doormats. Instead, they look for your security system account and mobile app password.

Two-factor authentication involves an additional step in the login process. After you enter your password, you will receive a text message containing a one-time

code that you will need to complete your login. It means that only you or someone who has access to your phone messages can access your account.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Access the mobile app.

2. Select the Menu option.

3. Scroll down to Login Information and tap it.

4. Select Two-Factor Authentication.

5. Select Text Message.

6. Next, click.

7. In the case of a mobile phone:

a. Enter your cell phone number.

b. From the dropdown menu, select your country.

c. From the dropdown menu, select your Provider.

d. Click the Send button. (You will receive an Authentication Code via SMS at the mobile number you provided.)

8. Enter the code sent to your phone in the Verification Code field.

9. Tap the Verify button.

10. Enter the name of the device on which you're running the mobile app in the Device Name field.

11. Select Trust This Device.

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