Schlage Z-Wave Deadbolt (BE369) [Legacy] Battery Replacement Guide

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Schlage Z-Wave Deadbolt (BE369) [Legacy]

Three AA batteries and one 9V battery are required for the Schlage Z-Wave Deadbolt (BE369).

To replace the batteries in a Schlage Z-Wave Deadbolt (BE369), follow these steps:

1. Take out the cover screws.

2. To release the upper battery tray, remove the upper left screw. While loosening the screw, keep the battery tray in place.

3. The upper battery tray will be removed. Remove the tray completely and three old AA batteries.

4. Take out the 9V battery.

5. Remove the old 9V battery's 9V connector.

6. All batteries should be replaced with new, high-quality batteries. Replace the battery tray and cover by reversing the steps. When replacing the cover, take care not to pinch any wires.

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